What is SpikeBoarding?
SpikeBoarding is the sport of balanced strength. It is a transport sport. SpikeBoarding is life long physical literacy that serves as recreation and transportation. SpikeBoarding is a full body, endurance and balance based sport, comprised of three (3) specific technical propulsion strokes, SUS (StandUpSpike), CXC (Cubi-X-Cross) and ICXC (Inside Cubi-X-Cross) and one (1) braking stroke, CB (Cadence Braking).
Who innovated SpikeBoarding? What year was SpikeBoarding innovated?
The SUSOIX® company and Enrique Cubillo originally conceived of the equipment required and created the kinetics that would be used during SpikeBoarding on August 10, 2010.
How do you pronounce SUSOIX?
What does SUSOIX mean?
SUSOIX is an acronym. SUS means Stand Up Spike stroke. OIX are the racing indications on SpikeBoarding race courses. O indicates downhill, neither foot nor spike tip may touch payment during an O indicted section of race course. I indicates mandatory execution of the SUS stroke and X indicates the mandatory execution of CXC stroke. Time penalties are added for infractions.
Where was the sport born?
New York City, Central Park.
What other sports is SpikeBoarding related to?
SpikeBoarding is 100% endurance sport. When you think of SpikeBoarding, think cross country running, cross country skiing, road cycling, swimming and triathlon. SpikeBoarding happens to be the only full body bilateral propulsion sport in the world. No laboratory human performance study of SpikeBoarding has been done yet.
How was SpikeBoarding innovated?
The sport came to life in 2010 when it was realized the carbide spike tip, commonly used by world cup cross country roller skiers, could be applied to incredibly powerful effect on a skateboard. The innovator realized if boards on wheels called roller skis could be taken up hills with poles and spike tips so too then could a skateboard.
Is SpikeBoarding greater parts skateboarding or more cross country skiing?
SpikeBoarding is both a form of cross country skiing and endurance skateboarding with a 100% cross country skiing mind set.  Technically the sport has kinetics derived from both of these sports. The lower body movements come 100% from skateboarding. The upper body movements are all derived with slight modifications from cross county skiing. The goal is point to point or closed loop travel at the highest performance possible by maintaining proper technique of all three propulsion stokes. SpikeBoarding lives 100% in the endurance theater only. No tricks nor acrobatics are ever performed. SpikeBoarding athletes do not perform radical downhill slides.
Are there FAQ's for kids and parents?
Here are great FAQ’s for children and parents.
What cross country ski stroke mimics SUS (Stand Up Spike) stroke?
SUS is very similar to double pole skiing.
What cross country ski stoke mimics CXC (Cubi-X-Cross) stroke?
The upper body of CXC is near exactly similar to the classic ski stroke of diagonal stride (DS). However the lower body is very different. CXC stroke is a skateboard style kick backwards and DS executes a jumping weight exchange between legs.
When I look at SpikeBoarding SUS it reminds me of SUP/stand up paddling. Why is SUS not considered paddling?
Paddling on water will always require the shaft of the paddle to travel forward of the paddler, the paddle blade grabbing into the water and pulling the paddler past the point where the paddle blade went into the water. This is called a forward catch. Forward catching on land is incredibly low performing. On land, high performance propulsion is based on your shaft vector line traveling to the rear and that your arms make a solid square connecting to the core exactly like a skier on land. Keep in mind most people fixate and error in calling SUS “paddling on land” for two reasons. 1-They have no experience paddling on water nor do they roller ski, hence they make the flawed visual observation based on zero real experience. 2- They imagine one device in the athlete’s hands and one board under their feet must be paddling. Skiing until the turn of the 1840’s used only ONE shaft. Using TWO ski poles is a very modern occurrence. So if you saw a skier with two skis on their feet and using only one pole would you call that paddling? Paddling is defined as a forward catch on water with a blade at the end of a shaft. It is impossible to paddle water using one hand. Grab a paddle with on arm and paddle in water. It is impossible. SUS can be done with one arm. SUS1/2 and SUS1/1 are both one arm varieties of SUS. We spike / ski on land and we paddle water.
What specialized sports equipment is required for SpikeBoarding?
Any longboard skateboard optimized for switch kicking with covered wheels and a SUSOIX® SkateBoard Spike® patented. SUSOIX makes a sensational SpikeBoarding training deck as well. A board optimized for SpikeBoarding is highly recommend for safety and comfort. During the SUS stroke adequate distance between the feet and the front wheels is required for maximum rider safety.
How is a SkateBoard Spike different than a ski pole?
A SkateBoard Spike may be used with one or two hands. The Spike has no wrist straps. The SkateBoard Spike has an optimized ergonomic top handle optimized to perform the SUS stroke at the highest levels of human output.
How is a SkateBoard Spike the same as a ski pole?
Both are optimized to be as light as possible and both use the exact same carbide spike tip. Skiers refer to the spike as a ferrule and it has been manufactured for over 40 years. All the world’s cross county skiers at amateur and world champions use them.
How is a SkateBoard Spike fitted?
When you stand on your board the spike top should come to the tip of your nose. While wearing shoes measure from the ground to the tip of your nose.  For SUSOIX SpikeBoard users add 5 cm. This will be the size SkateBoard Spike you need. Do not use a SkateBoard Spike with boards that have exposed front wheels. Your wheels must be covered with sturdy fenders eliminating the risk of your spike striking a moving wheel.
Can I use the longboard skateboard I have now?
We can’t emphasize safety and being comfortable enough. Especially safety. Your wheels must be covered with sturdy fenders eliminating the risk of your spike striking a moving wheel. The stand over length or operating length of a SUSOIX SpikeBoard is 29 inches and it has a full 3 inches of drop and the wheels are covered. The 29 inches of stand over allow for very casual switching of the feet as you kick and allow the rider to maintain a carving stance a full 16 inches back of the front wheels. If your board is to short and the wheels are not covered you run the very real risk of spiking your front wheels. This will cause damage to your spike and may result in a dismount. Same as you would not cross country ski with down hill skis then we strongly recommend you use the SUSOIX board that was designed with every aspect of SpikeBoarding full four seasons in mind.
What size trucks and wheels are best on a SUSOIX SpikeBoard?
The SUSOIX SpikeBoard uses only the following combination of wheels and trucks. 50 degree 180mm trucks. 85 mm wheels with any steel encased inexpensive bearings will be fine.
How much does a SpikeBoard cost? How much does a SkateBoard Spike cost?
SkateBoard Spike all Carbon Fiber $289.00 (3) hand size available 23S-25M-28Lmm SkateBoard Spike all Carbon/Fiber Glass$189.00 (3) hand size available 23S-25M-28Lmm SpikeBoard Complete $475.00
Is SpikeBoarding a four season sport?
Yes, the sport performs year round. During ice, hard pack, light snow cover 1-2 cm, and slush conditions SUS stroke will be the main propulsion stroke. Smooth patches of ice will preclude the possibility to execute the CXC stroke.  SpikeBoarding performs incredibly well in water. Watch this winter SUS video and you will understand the capacity of winter SUS.
What are the most optimized shoes / soles for SpikeBoarding?
The North Face Hedge Hog and Storm trail running shoes are the best SpikeBoarding shoes on the market at this time. Vibram soles hands down are the best soles.  Ice and deep slush require snow boots with Vibram soles are a must.
What are the best cloths to wear for committing / transportation?
For casual commuting you can wear any cloths you would normally wear for casual bicycle riding.
What are the best cloths to wear for recreation / racing?
SpikeBoard racing and recreation wear is same as any other endurance sport such as inline speed skating to cycling, triathlon and Nordic skiing. You want to use technical clothing with pockets in the rear to access hydration and feed. Pockets also offer a place to put extra layers you need for warmth or place to store as you peel them off. Rear pockets also offer a place to carry a wallet cash and phone.
What is better, a hydration pack or belt.
Either one will work. Packs will carry 72 oz. and may be preferred above 80 degrees. Your own hydration needs will dictate this as well as how long you will be SpikeBoarding.
What safety equipment is recommended?
Beginners should wear gloves, wrist guards, knee, elbow protection and helmets. Some my consider padded shorts for hip and tail bone protection. As technical skill rises everything but the helmet, gloves and wrist guards remain.
What glove brand is best for SpikeBoarding?
SpikeBoarding always requires gloves. In summer Firm Grip® work gloves with a suede pith are best. You can buy these at Home Depot and Lowes. These gloves make superior connection with the SkateBoard Spike’s silicone grip. In cooler months many outdoor brands will work. Experiment with your warming needs. We find the REI house brand gloves to work very well at all temperatures.
How many calories are burned during SpikeBoarding output?
900 plus per hour. Same as cross country skiing.
At what age can kids begin to practice SpikeBoarding.
Same as cross country roller skiing ages 7 plus. However a switch kick can begin as soon as they can begin to kick their scooter. Get them to switch legs with equal cadence on their scooter and skateboards. This will prepare them well for CXC stroke development.
How can I learn SpikeBoarding?
First get an ok from your doctor and attain a healthy body weight. Watch the tutorials .  Buy your gear and coaching sessions at www.susoix.com. Practice, practice practice and ask as many questions as you like info@spikeboarding.com.
Are there any SpikeBoarding coaches?
Dan Bowen is the first certified SUSOIX SpikeBoarding coach.
What kinds of racing options exist in SpikeBoarding?
SUSOIX Stand Up Spike King of Mountain and Queen of Mountain are the first races on offer as the sport begins to grow. Contact info@spikeboarding.com for more details.
Is there stationary training for SpikeBoarding?
Yes SpikeBoarding has SpikeBasing. SpikeBasing refers to the developmental stationary (usually indoors) that can be practiced same as a spin cycling class or any aerobics class.