What is SpikeBoarding?
Who innovated SpikeBoarding? What year was SpikeBoarding innovated?
How do you pronounce SUSOIX?
What does SUSOIX mean?
Where was the sport born?
What other sports is SpikeBoarding related to?
How was SpikeBoarding innovated?
Is SpikeBoarding greater parts skateboarding or more cross country skiing?
Are there FAQ's for kids and parents?
What cross country ski stroke mimics SUS (Stand Up Spike) stroke?
What cross country ski stoke mimics CXC (Cubi-X-Cross) stroke?
When I look at SpikeBoarding SUS it reminds me of SUP/stand up paddling. Why is SUS not considered paddling?
What specialized sports equipment is required for SpikeBoarding?
How is a SkateBoard Spike different than a ski pole?
How is a SkateBoard Spike the same as a ski pole?
How is a SkateBoard Spike fitted?
Can I use the longboard skateboard I have now?
What size trucks and wheels are best on a SUSOIX SpikeBoard?
How much does a SpikeBoard cost? How much does a SkateBoard Spike cost?
Is SpikeBoarding a four season sport?
What are the most optimized shoes / soles for SpikeBoarding?
What are the best cloths to wear for committing / transportation?
What are the best cloths to wear for recreation / racing?
What is better, a hydration pack or belt.
What safety equipment is recommended?
What glove brand is best for SpikeBoarding?
How many calories are burned during SpikeBoarding output?
At what age can kids begin to practice SpikeBoarding.
How can I learn SpikeBoarding?
Are there any SpikeBoarding coaches?
What kinds of racing options exist in SpikeBoarding?
Is there stationary training for SpikeBoarding?