SpikeBoarding FAQ’s For Kids and Parents

The first SUSOIX certified SpikeBoarding coach Dan Bowen answers FAQ’s commonly asked by parents and kids below.

What is SpikeBoarding?
SpikeBoarding is the sport of balanced strength. SpikeBoarding is a super way to have fun with your friends and to get around your neighborhood. I love it because it makes me better at rock climbing and hockey! SpikeBoarding is skiing on a skateboard!
And what inspired you to start SpikeBoarding?
I wanted to put my entire body to work! Getting super hero strong is not easy and sometimes boring. I wanted to have FUN while becoming super hero strong! SpikeBoarding will do that! Makes you SpikeBoarder super strong.
Why do you like it more than skateboarding?
SpikeBoarding is half skateboarding and half skiing. Your lower body is skateboarding and your upper body is skiing! So you have all the FUN while you get BIG muscles!
Do you think this sport will become more popular?
Sports don’t set out to be popular. Sports are made because they are fun, challenging and let us really enjoy life to the fullest. I never worry about popularity. I do what I love. I love performance! Why? With human power, there will never be a faster way to move a board and 4 wheels uphill than with SpikeBoarding! Never. Now that is cool! I’m one of the first adults in the world to be doing this new sport! Who will be the first kids and teenagers to go SpikeBoarding?
Will kids enjoy the sport of SpikeBoarding?
Kids in the USA will for sure! SpikeBoarding was born in the USA on a skateboard!    Why? Kids love having FUN and overcoming challenges, so of course they will enjoy SpikeBoarding!
What does it take to be good at the sport?
Becoming good at SpikeBoarding requires only one thing…DESIRE! Do you have DESIRE?
Is it for everyone?
SpikeBoarding is for everyone that likes to have FUN and be STRONG! Fun is fun, and SpikeBoarding makes your entire body strong so you can be better at field sports like soccer, basketball and baseball, better at playing your musical instrument or just better at helping your parents bring in the groceries. 
How is SpikeBoarding good for the planet?
Planet Earth is happy when we use transport sports to move from one place to another place with our own power. SpikeBoarding is a transport sport. And you can even have FUN SpikeBoarding when you are the same age as your parents AND your grandparents are now!!
What is the proper name of the shaft you hold in your hands while SpikeBoarding? Does it come in kids' sizes? How do you know if it fits properly?
It is called a SkateBoard Spike. Yes, SkateBoard Spikes come in all sizes, and the kids’ sizes have yellow tops. A SkateBoard Spike fits perfectly when you are standing on your SpikeBoard and the top comes up to the tip of your nose.
Can you SpikeBoard in winter?
Yes for sure! You can go SpikeBoarding in the Spring, Summer, Fall and WINTER! SpikeBoarders have tons of FUN in slush and light snow! And your body will stay warm because you are exercising!
What other sports do you play and coach? Does SpikeBoarding help you be better at these sports?
Besides transport sports I also play and coach hockey and rock climbing. SpikeBoarding makes the left side of my body just as strong as the right side of my body. Do you think that makes me better at these 2 sports? Oh yeah!! SpikeBoarding also makes the core muscles in my belly powerful and the sport gives me the energy to rock climb and play hockey for longer! Spike Hard Spike Often…SpikeBoarding!